How we do it

Strategic advice is a complex and creative endeavor: half business, half art.

At LAG, we understand that in full. That’s because we do things different:

  • We do not have preconceived receipt or one-size-fits-all solution
  • We are not “too-big-to-care”: we partner not just with your wallet but with your dreams
  • We do not stuck your shelves with 200-page colorful Javanese-written reports
  • We do it always “by-the-book” – no matter what, where, when or how
  • We are horizontal: we do not have organization charts and do not collect overheads
  • We are “integrators”: we put people together and get the job done.
  • We are “straight talkers”: we do not use PowerPoint and hate those 3-hours working meetings…
  • We deliver the results you want, not the products we have – actually we have none
  • We do not sell you seminars or any kind of training – unless you ask for…
  • We are “latinos”: we know Latin America by foot, not by seminars
  • We are “world citizens”: we can represent your interests here, there or elsewhere
  • We are global travelers: we go “boots-on-the-ground”, not “laptops-on-the-table”

In sum, you bring your ideas. And we make them our passion too…